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Pomandère collections are ruled by a faint sensation that slips under the skin, leaving nevertheless the mark: the fashion can be “different” without founding its uniqueness on excess and provocation.

The most successful transgression, indeed, is the soft reinterpretation of classic lines and cuts, a new version, in a contemporary and nonchalant reading, of tailoring habits and vices.

The starting point is always the reinterpretation of the men’s shirt, approaching the outerwear,getting through to skirts and trousers, up to the dresses.

Woman wear, with creativity and independence, soft geometries from a northern strictness, matching very clean fabrics to embellished wefts and contrasting prints.

Items crafted with care, just like the little linen bags filled with dried flowers and citrus peel that one time used to naturally scent wardrobes: the pomandères.

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