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The company is located in Carpi, which has been a textile district of Italian excellence for over 50 years.

Our production is completely made in Italy.

The raw materials are from Italian companies and when they are not, they are dyed or processed in Italy.

We give priority to  raw materials of natural origin, and in case they’re artificial or synthetic they’re recycled.

Our suppliers all have green certifications and implement sustainability policies.

Processing is zero km, and subcontracting takes place almost exclusively in the district.

Many garments are labelled with the producer’s label of the raw material, so that the origin of the fibre can be traced.

Most of our garments are shipped folded and without hangers, drastically reducing the environmental impact of packaging, a consolidated practice in Europe and worldwide.

Producing quality garments is our flag, buying fewer but long-lasting garments is definitely a green act. Raising consumers’ awareness in this direction is our fundamental philosophy.

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