Ukraine, Russia, East Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East.


AVN is a capsule collection project  featured  under the fashion direction of Gianfilippo Gherardi.

The vision is a laboratory of ideas and offerings that is separate from ARCARI&CO’s leading lines: TER ET BANTINE and HACHE.  It is the product of Gianfilippo’s inspiration, drawn from a multitude of travels abroad and the numerous fashion weeks in which he has participated as a consultant to a wide array of international buyers. AVN is based on studying current trends on the Web and social networks, and then translating them into eclectic offerings, complete with total looks. Outerwear, tops, trousers, dresses, and an ever-present element that characterizes the season: faux fur. Prices are 15/20% lower than HACHE, and therefore very competitive not only for our prime target market, the Far East, but also for more mature markets such as Europe and Italy.

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