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Knitwear is a ductile and fluid element for Aida Barni, everything can be achieved through

experience and technic: almost tailored outerwear, travel and leisure trousers, "cocoon"dresses or sweaters gently hugging the silhouettes, and accessories.


The softest cashmere, the thinnest merinos, silk, mohair, alpaca, are the materials of the collections, natural and precious, to create a total look in knit, sophisticated and comfortable.

The search for new finishing, stitches, prints and processes is tireless and remains the key feature of this collection.

The attention to individual details and the very high quality of the materials make the garments unique and unchanged over the years.



The Man Aida Barni does not follow trends, but interprets them in everyday life. His wardrobe is made of iconic garments of sentimental value, evoking a "savoir vivre" healthy and environmentally friendly. 

He loves natural and fine yarns, he loves comfort, but does not renounce the elegance of shapes. 

His concept of "sportswear" is simple in style, but rich in materials and imperceptible details that make his garments an expression of uniqueness and class.


 Cashmere worked in the English style, compact and durable, the finest merinos, cotton, linen, woven to become like a fabric are the accomplices of a natural and conscious elegance. 

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