A new duvet. Bespoke, performing, cool.

Glamour focused design 

Materials produced by Limonta Spa the most prestigious italian mill specialized in technical and fashion .

Sub-0 matches the spirit of a griffe and an active state of mind.
The aim – the one of protecting from cold- doesn’t collide with beauty.

All the volumes are turned upside down.

Caban, high waist coats, trench, bombers take unusual shapes. Slim/over. Each piece follows two codes: Glam and Performance.

Cromatic palette:
All the shades of grey, above all pale ones, and strong colours like Mango, Orange , military green
Each model has a true  fox and mourmansky fur applications  that can be taken away.

Wholesale rice: from 115 up to 290 euros sell in.

DLB   it’s a 60 years old company based in Milano region  that produces wearing and outerwear apparel on behalf of other companies and retailer chains and works with some of the most important internstional retailers and importers. For DLB downjackets the Production is located in China with a established partner

All quality and technical managers are italians and all companies skilled staff areconstantly updated about styles, technology and trends in the outerwear and sportswear sector. 

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