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DLB's design seamlessly blends the glam spirit with technical prowess. Its mission is to shield from the cold while maintaining a captivating mood. Their new down jackets and duvet coats are not only high-performing but also exude an unmistakably cool vibe.

Caban, high-waisted coats, trench coats, and bombers take on unique forms in various styles: slim, regular fit, or a touch of relaxed elegance. Each piece adheres to two guiding principles: Glam and Performance.

DLB is proudly conceived in Italy and manufactured in both the People's Republic of China and Italy. The fabrics utilized are sourced from some of the world's most renowned textile mills specializing in technical and fashion-forward textiles.

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The goose down feathers, hailing from Europe, come with international health certifications, and for Russia, EAC documents are readily available.

As for the color palette, it's a fusion of all shades of gray, particularly the lighter, more natural tones, coupled with bold and vivid hues that truly make a statement.

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