shi.RT is a new collection exclusively composed of shirts and light dresses in poplin designed by Roberto Rimondi and Tommaso Aquilano.


The concept of this project is to realize the new and different stimulations of the international market: conceiving capsules thought to the product class, necessarily related to the dictates of trendy outfits, useful to renew and complete the wardrobe immediately for the end customer.


shi.RT breaks free from the classic connotations and labels of a collection; is aimed heterogeneous female audience without age or profession limits. The women, in her most complete identity, free from obsolete schemes are at the center of this new and futuristic design.


The collection is thus conceived as captivating and its merits are undisputed; the search for design is inevitable Italian, the manufacturing quality in Italy as a synonym of guarantee of uniqueness of the product, the absolutely competitive price and in line with market designs.


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