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Created in 2013 by Genevieve Xhaet, FLAPPER is a women accessories brand that fuses tailored elegance with contemporary taste maintaining a versatile and refined equilibrium between form and wearability.

It is a project that the Italian-Belgian designer – a lover of culture and art in all of their many expressions – began developing in her native city of Biella, the birthplace of the most prized Italian textiles, where from her youth she studied the processes and techniques that are the foundation of her pieces. FLAPPER takes its inspiration from the image and allure of the protagonists of the iconic 1920s: a roaring epoch, vibrant with change and social revolution, marked by the first steps toward women’s liberation and emancipation, and thus synonymous with a free, independent, progressive and anticonformist spirit. A way of being and thinking that the brand reinterprets in a modern key to reflect the personality and desire for distinction of today’s “flappers”: self-aware and avant-garde women who are sophisticated, confident, ironic and exuberant, never bound by the rules or by conventions either in their personality or in their choice of the most original accessories. It is to these women that Genevieve Xhaet dedicates her passion, her attention and the quality of each one of her creations, revealing a sensitive and evocative aesthetic approach, symbolized by the words of Lee Miller, the unforgettable American model and photographer who loved to say, “I want the utopian combination of freedom and security.” FLAPPER praises this desire through precise cuts, exclusive embellishments, intense colors and delicate nuances, and natural materials and prized textiles, including wool, cashmere and linen, all sourced, styled and handsewn respecting Made in Italy values and artisanal knowledge. An inspired and captivating line, composed of turbans, wraps, cloche, headbands, and hats, striking a balance between past and present, between innovation and tradition, between affect and function.

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