The modern approach in the search for materials, shapes and colours, exclusive prints and fabrics, gives life to an extravagant and jaunty style, unique in its kind: laboratory 'mistakes', forgotten embroideries, jewel buttons mixed with mother-of-pearl, daring details cut from retro fabric archives, washes without ironing.

Completely detached from fashions, moods and swinging trends, the Le Sarte Pettegole label is at the forefront of creating new ones, becoming a point of reference for the refinement and pride of its creative solutions.


With irony, with great fashion culture. Because the woman who wears these garments is similar to the woman who creates them: not homologated, with a jaunty soul, capable of playing with the masculine and yet profoundly feminine. In the apparent anarchy, in the casual encounter of a jacquard and a tartan, the trace of genial and unconventional tailoring leaves its mark.

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