sonia speciale

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same" that is how it sounds one of the most popular quotes by COCO CHANEL.This idea is utterly shared by Sonia Speciale, who has always been creating "uncommon" collections, though remaining consistent with her own style. She was born into a fashion family and has been in touch with the world of tailoring and dressmaking all the time, thus attending the most exclusive ateliers and boutiques, from which she drew inspiration to develop her own personal opinion concerning the concept of "style". Probably her creations can be defined "classic" for the facility in wearing and matching them but, at the same time, they can fall within the definition of "modern" if we consider their cut and the constant search for top-quality fabrics. They are not mere commercial garments, they wear well over time, the form is not subjected to a rapid alteration; the fabrics pave the way to new ideas. No matter if leather or cloth, the material is quested after, manufactured and sewed exclusively in Italy. “My inspiration is a perfect blend of many historic reminiscences and hints I draw when I travel”. “It would be beautiful to revert to the age of the ateliers where tailor-made dresses were sewed, but times have changed. My creations, however, seek continuity with the good old customs: crafts, manual ability and preciosity, a cultural richness not to lose and to be passed on to future generations”.

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