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The experience gained and the technical skills of the workforce, continuous training, research and development of new production technologies, the continuous updating of machinery and production technologies, combined with attention to environmental impact, the safety of employees in the workplace, and the correct behaviour in terms of social responsibility and ethical relationships, make La Pony confezioni a benchmark company in the dynamic, modern and innovative world of Made in Italy manufacturing.

The quality of our garments comes from the use of the latest raw materials.

Every single fabric is chosen with a particular garment and the woman who will wear it in mind: a dynamic and modern woman who does not renounce her femininity and elegance.


Our outfits, combined with quality fabrics, dress every woman in a unique way, caressing her shapes and enhancing them without ever exaggerating.

Warm, soft wools, cottons, linens and embroidered or printed fabrics create collections that are always in step with the times without ever being out of place.

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